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How To Play

Rummy is an interesting skill-based card game running on a fast lane to popularity in India. In this section, we would follow a step-by-step approach to help you understand this game. If you’re new to this game and are wondering ‘how to play rummy’ or ‘how to play rummy with joker’, this section would serve you well. Let’s get started!

How to play online rummy game?

Rummy belongs to an elite and exciting category of card games that follow a similar game play of arranging identical cards in a manner that relates to some valid sequence and common suit. The following discussion is about the basic rules on how to play online rummy game and win BIG.

A player seeks to arrange his cards into proper Sequences or Sets that all follow a certain format or Mathematical relation. This is called building Melds of cards. These Melds comprise sets as 3 or 4 cards of a kind of the same rank; or else these Melds may contain 3 or more similar suited cards in a valid sequence.

A player should arrange all his cards in order so as to make at least two sequences, and at least one of them should be a Pure Sequence. All the other dealt cards can be taken as close as possible to return valid Sequences and/or Sets.

A player can only draw the top card from an Open or Closed deck. Besides, all the cards discarded by competing player(s) are not available for making subsequent Sets or Sequences.

While this may seem difficult to you, playing rummy is actually a very simple and a rewarding endeavour.

Common terms and terminology related to rummy

1. Deal

Rummy is based on a standard deck of 52 cards. Every player gets a certain number of cards from one or more of such standard decks. The remaining undealt cards, called Stock, are kept face-down on the game table for further use by the players. A discard Pile is where a card can be put face up next to the stock where players discard or shed their cards.

2. Melds

As explained above, a Meld can be of two types- it can either be a Set or Book, or it can be a Sequence.

A Set implies a group of at least three cards of the same rank. For example,3♥-3♦-3♠ or Q♥-Q♦-Q♠-Q♣.

A Sequence is different from the Set in a way that it consists of at least three consecutive cards of the same suit A♣-K♣-J♣ or 5♥-6♥-7♥-8♥.

In rummy, even the Joker card has its own importance because it is used to represent any random card in a meld. Owing to the same, their numbers may be restricted before the game starts.

How to play Indian rummy?(cf.: How to play 13 card Indian rummy?)

Rummy is a sum of many intriguing card combinations that a player needs to make by usually choosing and dropping cards in succession. In Indian rummy versions, a player strives to keeps his cards hidden from others until the show while trying to make his own valid set of combinations as early as possible. The sooner a player makes a proper and correct combination of rummy cards, the earlier he stands to win. This is our take on how to play 13 card Indian rummy that also answers how you play Indian rummy online.

1. Show

An integral part of the game happens when a player goes to show the combination of cards that he claims to have made. More often than not, a player must segregate all his cards in a minimum of two Melds subjected to certain conditions. It involves a player’s top work to Meld all his cards, to declare his hand and then to press it forward for validation in the least amount of time possible.

This is called Showing.

2. Scoring

Every game has a winner and so does rummy too. The player with a successful show gets Zero points. The winner gets rewarded in terms of the Open Cards that couldn’t be made into a valid Set or Sequence by the losing opponent in the same time

How to play online rummy game?

Here are a few other game-centric terms that you should know before you start playing your first online rummy game in India. We advise you to get a good understanding of the following terminology because they are crucial to your understanding of the game.

1. Sequence

By a Sequence, we refer to a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit that a rummy player may have.

2. Set

A Set is a group of three or a maximum of four cards (including the Joker cars) of the same value but arranged in different suits. A prerequisite in Rummy is to arrange all the cards in a valid Set as per different suits. A player cannot use two or more cards of the same suit as that would constitute an invalid set.

How to Play Rummy with Joker?

No answer to questions like ‘how to play rummy’ and ‘how to play Indian rummy’ can be complete without a proper understanding of the aforesaid crucial aspect. We are thus writing this section to explain how to play rummy with Joker card.

Prior to that, please note that there are two types of jokers that are used in a classic game of rummy. They are as follows:

a.) Wild Joker:A Wild Joker is that crucial card that is selected randomly and at will from a closed deck mutually available to all the all players at all times.

b.) Printed Joker:The Printed Jokers, as the name says, are those cards that form the pack by depicting a funny and clownish figure on them. They assist in the same function and you should consider yourself lucky to have one such card for yourself because you can use it to replace them with other cards to form better sets and sequences.

Learn how to play rummy online with Joker (Wild and Printed)

Types of Sequences in rummy

Rummy is pivotally based on a sequence comprising three or more serially-arranged and similarly-suited cards. This section backs-up the previous sections with the following types of rummy card sequences that you should like to know.


1. Pure Sequence: This is exactly what a rummy player strives to achieve first- a pure sequence. It is an obvious result when a player scores a combination of three or more cards of the same suit that are arranged in a numerical order of ascendance. Please note that there should not be any joker in this combination.

2. Impure Sequence: : This is an obvious combination after a player fails to make a Pure Sequence. An Impure Sequence comprises three or more similarly-suited and numerically arranged cards but with one or more jokers.

Get started with rummy

Rummy is a card game that hinges on rapid selection and rejection of cards based on mathematical combinations and analytical thinking. A player needs to make a judicious decision of which cards to pick, keep and discard and it all needs to be done in a specified time-frame.

It is recommended to start by first picking a face-down card from a Closed or Open Deck, and then discard one of your cards in return, to the Open Deck.

How to play rummy game and win?

Over a period of time, you might succeed in making proper card Sequences and segregate in Sets (preferably before others). Assuming that you possess one Pure Sequence, one Pure/Impure Sequence and remaining Valid Sets or Sequences that successfully arrange your 13 cards, you can let other competing players know by discarding one of your remaining cards to the Finish Slot.

Once through this stage, you can simply declare and show your combination. This answers the query of ‘how to play Indian rummy game’ and win.

Valid Declaration in rummy

It is erroneous to assume that you would win if you declare any card combination before everyone else. Rummy relies on integrity and sportsmanship en masse, and all your card combinations would be verified by the Dealer or the gaming software. It is thus recommended to make proper card combinations and learn how to play Indian Rummy in the right way.

You should declare only when you meet the following conditions:

(i) You have all your cards arranged in proper, valid and justified sequences and sets.

(ii) Your combination should contain at least one Pure Sequence.

Example #1: Invalid Set

Example #2: Declaring without Sequence

Example #3: Declaring without Two Sequences

Example #4: Declaring without Pure Sequence


Points in Rummy

This is the final frontier. Rummy relies on scoring points in every dealing of cards and we are hereby presenting the rummy rules to calculate points. Please note that the lesser points you score, the quicker you get to win a hand and a game. In this regard, this comes as a shocker because you would always be advised to score as fewer points as possible.

Explanation: The points that you’ll score are directly related to your card combinations, and every point you score incurs you a loss of playing chips (if you are playing free rummy online) or money (if you are playing rummy for cash).


1. The winner gets zero points.

2. Besides, the losing players get points as follows:

a.) High-Value Cards

• The suited cards carry 10 points each.

• The Ace, Kings, Queens, and Jacks (A, K, Q, J respectively) of all suits carry 10 points each.

b.) All Wild and Printed Jokers have zero points.

c.) Numerical Cards

The numerical cards incur the points as their numerical value. For example, 2♥ has 2 points and 3♠ has 3 points and so on. The numbered card ‘10’ also has 10 points.

1. Maximum points that a player can lose in a13-card rummy game in India

A rummy player can score a maximum of 80 points if he fails to score one Pure Sequence and overall two sequences. All the values of his cards would be added, and the numerical value should be capped at 80 points.

However, there is a respite too.

If a player succeeds in making a pure sequence and at least two sequences, then he would incur points for only those cards that he could not achieve a valid Sequence or Set for. This is a golden rule for a 13-Card Rummy Game in India.

2. Maximum Limit of Points with respect to High Cards

In 13 card game rummy, every competing player can score a max of 80 points, irrespective of the number of high-value cards in his/her hand. The aforementioned method describes how these maximum points get deducted from his chips or cash.

3. Wrong Declaration

Rummy is based on integrity and sportsmanship, and it makes no distinction between a mistake and dishonesty. If a player erroneously claims that he has completed a Set or Sequence, he straightaway pays for it with a maximum of 80 points.

4. First Drop

If a player believes that he can’t possibly make a good combination from his allotted cards, he can leave the hand. This is called his First Drop and he gets 20 points if he drops the game at the very first turn and without picking a card from the Open Deck.

5. Middle Drop

The second stage of the First Drop, a Second Drop refers to an act by a player wherein he exits the hand after the first turn of cards. Consequently, he pays for it by twice the points in the First Drop, thus getting 40 points.

6. Consecutive Misses

You can’t possibly keep on dropping the game at will. If a player deliberately exits the hand for three turns in a row, he is dropped from the game altogether.

7. Leave Table

Leaving a table is considered equivalent to a Middle Drop (or 40 points). Please note that it is only applicable if a player exits from the table after drawing exactly one card from the Closed Deck. Should a player make up his mind even before seeing any card, he is accountable for the First Drop and only gets 20 points.

Learn Indian Rummy through our informative blogs, infographics and videos

Rummy is an interesting skill-based card game thatre lies on several core concepts of Mathematics, Psychology and Risk and Asset Management. Coupled with several soft skills like self-confidence and an unwavering concentration, it makes up for an intelligent option for skill-enhancement over a period of time.

We are presenting this section for all aspiring players to help them learn Indian rummy online. We shall provide you with a comprehensive coverage of how the game is played and you can be a pro at it through our encyclopedic knowledgebase and interesting videos. We advise you to bookmark this webpage as your one-stop point to online learn rummy fast free.

Infographic_Deck Learn how to play rummy online with Joker (Wild and Printed) Learn Indian Points Rummy with Infographic Get to know some of the most common rummy terms used online Learn free Indian rummy game online with images (Sequences)

Learning classic rummy rules is as easy as 1-2-3! We are presenting this section to help you learn the rules of rummy in capsule-sized information chunks. We have paid extra attention to present them in a precise form so that you can read and understand them while reading them on your preferred handheld device (like a smartphone or a tablet) even when you are on move, say in a train or a bus.

• Rummy is a popular card game based on the process of ‘Choose and Drop.’ It follows a two-step process:

a.) Choosing a card from an Open or a Closed deck of cards.

b.) Dropping a less useful card to the Open Deck


• Dealing in Indian Rummy

a.) Which player should play first? To decide on this, there is a dealerwho makes a toss and provides his answer for the order in which the game shall proceed.

b.) After this, a Wild Jokeris selected randomly from a Closed Deck by the Dealer himself.

c.) Then a set of 13 cards are dealtto each player.

d.) The first card from the deck is put face-up on the Open Deck. All other cards are put face-down to form the Closed Deck.

• A player should make appropriate and valid Sequences and Sets, as per predefined rules, by using 13 cards dealt to him.

a.) A Sequence refers to a collection of three or more numerically-arranged and similarly-suited cards.

b.) A Set refers to a group of three or four similarly-ranked cards in different suits.

c.) A Joker is a predefined card that can be called upon to replace any card to form sequences and sets. It is of two types- Wild Joker and Printed Joker.


• Rummy extends a helping hand to you by offering the Joker card. You can use it to make a valid (but improper) Set or a Sequence in a game. Choosing a Wild Joker at the beginning of a rummy game is a prerequisite and it can be used to swap any other playing card.

• The end of the game is to make two Sequences, one of which should be made without using the Joker and is called the Pure Sequence. This Sequence needs to be supported by other used cards that should be arranged in a proper and valid order too.

Rummy Win Lucky offers only the standard 13-Card Rummy Game on its platform. In it, two players are dealt playing cards from one deck only. Any more players require an increase in standard decks of cards. There are two decks- Closed and Open, and a card from either of them can betaken. The same is compensated by discarding a card on the Open deck.

• The winner is the player who has secured the valid and correct Sequences and Sets in the least possible time. In other words, the player making the most appropriate Sequences and Sets fastest is the winner.

Learn rules of rummy in detail

If you’d like to go through our complete coverage on how to play online rummy, here’s our exclusive guide to 'What are classic rummy rules'.

We are just so glad you chose rummy to enhance your online gaming skills. This intriguing card-game is a closed function of several fundamental concepts related to Mathematics, Psychology, Risk Management,andGame Theory. A mix of these superlative attributes runs a close second to interpersonal attributes like self-confidence, persistence, emotional stability and quick thinking. Once combined, this superset is your ticket to the top!

Here are some top online rummy skills that you can develop over time and excel at this game:

1. Quick thinking and an ability to predict one’s move: Rummy lies somewhere between a sharp perception and a keen observation. A good rummy player has a very clear and focused mind that knows exactly what moves he should make to ace the game. You can safely assume that such a player is sharp enough to second-guess his opponent’s move even before it is made.


2. Mathematics and Memory: Mathematics forms the center of all card games and rummy is surely no exception to this golden rule. This game requires you to have a clear understanding of the game and the way points are supposed to be awarded. The same is true for memory as well. A good rummy online player has a sharp memory that he uses to track the movement and presence of cards on a table.

3. Stay away from emotions: Rummy is a professional, skill-based card game that calls for top gaming skills and their judicious application. While it is impossible never to fail at it, we advise that a player should keep his emotions at bay so as not to let them interfere them with a sensible gameplay. One may be stressed during or after a game, but that’s no excuse to let one’s emotions take over.


4. Consistency: They say, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ Nowhere this is truer than it is in rummy where the player needs to be on the top of his game and is supposed to maintain a proper concentration for extended durations of time. This comes only with self-discipline and consistency. Rest assured, if you can keep good at consistency and self-discipline, you would win the game by a mile someday!

5. Self-belief: Success or failure- they both start with you. You need to be sure of yourself when you are playing this game because more often than not, it is players who have similar skillsets are competing with each other- and usually it is the player who has a more positive self-belief that wins the game!

This sums up our discussion on some of the best online rummy skills that players get endowed with as they continue to play and explore this amazing card game on a regular basis.